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Welcome to the online website of Sovereign Saddlery,  based in Brisbane.  Here you can purchase at your leisure, many of our items from our main website, www.sovereignsaddlery.com.au through the shopping cart process. Not all of our items available are on this online shopping website. If you don't see it here, go to our main website, it may be there, and you could contact us to purchase anything you see there.

Sovereign Saddlery is a 100% Australian company. It is a Brisbane based small business, looking to serve you with friendly, efficient service while providing you with quality, value for money saddlery goods.  We hope you enjoy your online shopping experience here. Feel free to contact us if you need any help.



Cattleman's Belt

In stock

Plain Hobble Belt

In stock

Hobble belt with pouch

In stock

Economy Leather Extended Head Barcoo Bridle FS

RRP price $124.95
In stock

Anti-gall Ringer Girth

In stock

Leather Flank Girth

from $275.00
In stock

Leather Halters

In stock

Bear Small 3 Blade knife

In stock

Accusharp Sharpener

In stock

Heavy Cutting Reins 5/8"

In stock

Poly-Tuff Water Bottle

In stock

Hobble Chain

In stock

Syd Hill & Sons Synthetic Swinging Fender Saddle

RRP price $815.00
In stock

Toowoomba Saddlery Stock Fender Special

from $2,275.00
RRP price $2,338.00
In stock

Overseer 4 Bar Irons

In stock

Toowoomba Saddlery Bulloo Poley Saddle

RRP price $3,410.00
In stock

Victor Outback Belt

In stock

Firehose Cinch Girth

In stock

Firehose Supa-Cinch Girth

In stock

Syd Hill & Sons Premium Adjustable Tree Synthetic Stock Saddle

from $1,495.00
RRP price $1,695.00
In stock